the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.


FLINTFACE, LLC is dedicated to inspiring hope and resilience using many vehicles to express this message.

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TakeBackYourVoice Concert



"One of the greatest strengths we have as humans is the power of our words. Whether it's a blessing or a cursing it's a small spark that can take down an entire forest.
The TakeBackYourVoice Concert encourages and empowers students to embrace what makes them who they are with no apologies so that no bully, no abuse or any other challenge in their life can take their voice. Our future is in the power of their words

The goal of our TakeBackYourVoice Concert is to build up the student's confidence in knowing and loving who they are. We may not always be able to control what others say about us or do to us, but we can control the way we let it affect how we see ourselves. Bringing music into the mix gives students an example of how they can express themselves through creativity and art rather than becoming introverted and keeping their feelings and thoughts inside. Ultimately this can become very destructive. We're excited for the opportunity to work closely with your campus to help your students FIND THEIR VOICE!

Couple of other unique features of the TakeBackYourVoice Concert Are the Papers On The Stage:
We ask that the students bring a piece of paper to the assembly and write an encouraging word, lyrics, drawing, etc... They throw these papers on the stage and they can take one if they'd like. We even do this at regular venue concerts. It's to encourage students to be proactive in using their voice.

Guitar Signing:

This tradition is a posture that there are no rockstars. We are all equal.

The Opening Act:

We like to invite the schools to have one of their student's bands, dance groups, step teams, rappers, poets, spoken word, etc open for us for the first few minutes to give students a sense of ownership by participation. It makes a statement to the students that the show is about them not us.

The Flash Mob:

In advance, if applicable, we forward sheet music to your choir director with 4 simple lines to the student organization leader or professor of our last song. At the preset cue the students stand in the audience where they are and sings along with us. A lot of fun:)

The Follow Up:

We are very proactive on our social media sites and in communicating with students. We promote and reinforce a positive message and outlook on social media. If/when we are contacted by a student who seems to be struggling on in distress we encourage them to seek a teacher, counselor or even contact a crisis line if needed.


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