“We can’t stop listening to it” – Artist Direct

“Hopeful....passionate....inspirational. These are all very descriptive of the music that FLINTFACE’s Joe Scorsone brings to the table.“ – On Request

Our 'TBYV' assemblies:

These shows are one of our strongest assets and fastest ways to monetize and grow our streams and socials.

Christian Market:

We haven't actively pursued the Christian market up to this point but it's definitely an option for us.


This has been a strong means of promoting and financially supporting the music. It's a solid narrative for marketing to the middle America demo.


    Marketing Drivers:

  • Featured on 'The 700 Club'
  • Heavily involved in suicide prevention at a local and national level.
  • One of our strongest assets is our 'Take Back Your Voice' assembly. Pays well and can be booked from elementary through college.
  • Opened a wood shop called the FLINTFACE WOODSHOP in Dec 2014 to support our music. 100,000+ feet of wood later we are in multiple Whole Foods Markets and Amazon warehouses around the country and many other retailers. This has been a very strong promotional and financial driver for the music.
  • Releasing our latest EP Birdhouses, Butcher Blocks and Caskets this fall.
  • FLINTFACE has performed over 100 empowerment concerts in schools from Massachusetts to Florida out to Colorado and back.
  •  Released our 'HOPE' album in 2014 Produced by Ross Hogarth (Van Halen, Ziggy Marley, Sick Puppies, Keb’Mo, etc)
  • Released our EP 'The Barn Sessions' in 2016


FLINTFACE's background can be traced to the streets of West Philadelphia, where, as the son of a preacher, he was involved from a very young age in giving back to the local community. At the same time, sadly, he was a victim of abuse that set his formative years on a dark course of insecurity and depression. As an escape, he found solace in the healing powers of music and his faith. FLINTFACE is all about surviving and thriving in all areas of life. Making the best of the worst... It's about remaining steadfast, pursuing HOPE and not being moved!


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The National Mental Health Association, Phillip Raskin, Senior Director of Public Education:
"FLINTFACE and its members have been extremely proactive in trying to educate their fans about mental health, particularly about depression among youth….They have even successfully intervened in an instance when a teenager was in crisis."

Pocono Medical Center, Thomas Dimino
Business Development and Outreach Coordinator:

“Powerful Joe, simply powerful.  Know that day you may have saved someone’s life. Flintface has the potential and probably already has saved someone’s life.  You cannot put a price, dollar sign, or value on that.  Kudos to you and everything your band represents.  Parents, teachers, school boards…everyone should be aware of this because of the impact it could serve on others beliefs in what it has the power to do.”