The National Mental Health Association:

"As the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental illness, The National Mental Health Association (NMHA), through our mpower: Musicians for Mental Health program, is pleased to lend our support to Joe and Anthony Scorsone and their band, FLINTFACE. FLINTFACE and its members have been extremely proactive in trying to educate their fans about mental health, particularly about depression among youth. They have been very involved with suicide prevention efforts throughout the Northeast, and have even successfully intervened in an instance when a teenager was in crisis." ~Phillip Raskin, Senior Director Public Education, The National Mental Health Association (now Mental Health America)


Boys & Girls Club of Easton, PA:

"Kudos to FLINTFACE and Easton Area School District who partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Easton in getting the anti-bullying message out to several thousand young people who attend assemblies at Cheston Elementary, Easton High, Paxinosa Middle School grades 5-6 and the Boys & Girls Club of Easton, during their National Anti-Bullying Month program which took place Friday October 2, 2014.” ~G. Dean Young, Executive Director Boys & Girls Club of Easton, PA,


SADD Advisor:

"The students and faculty of Northwestern Lehigh High School sincerely enjoyed Flintface's rock concert and truths behind Joe's lyrics.  It was a most memorable day and probably the students' favorite assembly of all time.  Joe was humble and took a genuine interest in our students.  We only wish we could have heard more, as the students and teachers were heard humming Flintface tunes throughout the rest of the week." ~Mrs. Angela Traub, M.Ed. / Northwestern Lehigh High School / E.R.A.C.E  Advisor  (Everyone Respecting All Cultures Everywhere) / SADD Advisor (Students Against Destructive Decisions) /


Easton Area High School, PA:

"The music from FLINTFACE was both energetic and thought provoking. Many of our students can relate to the messages from the group (FLINTFACE) because they live them everyday. The performance really makes you think about how we treat each other." ~Michael Koch, Principal, Easton Area High School,


Easton Area Middle School, PA:
“I wanted to express my gratitude to you for bringing Joe Scorsone and his wonderful group to our EAMS 5/6 community.  The children were so excited at their performance, as they enjoyed the incredible music.  The powerfully relevant anti-bully message that FLINTFACE delivered was well received by our children.  The veritable impact of their work was quite evident when the children recited the "No Place for Hate" pledge together.”  ~Dr. Charlene Symia, Principal Easton, PA Middle School,

Easton Area Elementary, PA:

“The FLINTFACE show was a great event at Cheston Elementary School. All of the students were engaged in the music and heard the anti-bullying message. The program was great and we appreciate the message!
~Kyle Yanders, Principal Cheston Elementary,


PA Borough PTSA:

“Originally I saw FLINTFACE play at Lukie's Fest in 2013.  From that point on, I knew that I wanted Flintface to come play at SlateRock.  This past September, FLINTFACE came to perform at SlateRock: Arts Bash.  The list of positives in working with them is huge.  Not only are they professional, but down to earth and kind people who honestly care about each individual they play to in an audience.  The passion for their music comes out in such a vibrant and perfect tone of rock.  FLINTFACE brings excitement to the stage and keeps the crowd wanting more.  I am looking forward to working with them again and again.” ~Best Regards, Jennifer Newland, President BASS PTSA Roseto, PA Borough Council NCDC Recording Secretary,


Princeton Middle/High School, NC:

Also for this generation, the message was delivered perfectly.  Many of these kids will go back to the website and check it out.  On it they will find several songs with the same message.  Especially from the album "Hope."  They will also find inspiration in Joe's own story."  On his website he has tweets from fans who have other inspirational stories or thoughts to share.  Truly an "Army of Rejects!"  Brilliant!! And I dug the paper throwing!  Rock and roll!!!~Robert Heller, Music Teacher, Princeton MIddle High School,


Carrboro High School, NC:

You guys rocked  your performance at Carrboro High School!!! The students loved you and your message! You're going to run out of room on your guitar soon. Thanks again for your time, music and message!~Linda Karcher, Student Assistant Program Counselor, Carrboro High School, 919-918-2508 ex. 27510,


Hoover High School, IA:

"OMG. The kids that went said they LOVED it!"~Gretchen Critelli, MA, Community Schools Site Coordinator, Hoover High School,