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The FLINTFACE WOODSHOP was created when all hope had seemed to be lost. We had just come off of a six week tour performing empowerment concerts for middle and high school students around the country. Simultaneously, we lost our label funding 2 weeks before Thanksgiving in 2014. I walked up to our old barn with no heat in some beat up Reeboks and 2 pairs of jeans on to try and stay warm. I began cutting Christmas ornaments out of scraps of wood laying around. Without enough money for twine to even hang our ornaments, I cut the strings off of my guitars and strung each one... We posted them on our band site and they began selling out. We scraped by that winter by building custom furniture by request. With almost no prior woodworking experience, I learned as I built. Picking up a few boards at a time in my Prius, Beth and I built little home decor products we could carry to local flea markets in our band’s tour van. Sitting at flea markets we autographed Birdhouses and CDs. Long story short and over 100,000+ feet of (replenished) wood our story's just begun! Hope is small and very hard to see but it's always there and usually found at the bottom.

"The beautiful thing about losing it all is there's nothing left to lose at all"

Hope (the bottom)