The Working Poor

Music and lyrics written by: Joseph C Scorsone

Crack that whip I grab my tools with a cold, cold death grip Cause we don't call in sick And where's my check? Had it spent last week cause I'm a living debt Ends I can't connect We sow in sweat and blood We reap in tears then dust Strength in faith and love And a heart that can't be crushed We're tired and our backs are sore Welcome to the working poor Wrong or right We're cursed to the earth with a short life Black or white The new race is the rich and the toss and turn at nights We're the great divide The somethin to shows or the empty handed and out of hopes... We're tired and our backs are sore. Fillin holes that always ask for more Welcome to the Working Poor

Change The Words

Music and lyrics written by: Joseph C Scorsone

Break me down I’m not afraid I’ll wash away and break my heart I’m not afraid I’ll be back another day You said you’d never walk away You said you’d never But you did Who knew who knew you’d turn the other way who knew who knew who knew who knew You would throw it all away who knew who knew You’d change the words you You’d change the words you say Breaking waves I’m not afraid there is peace in this place And I will forgive you anyway And I will protect you Even though you spit in my face And I will still love you anyway Even though even though You’d change the say

Brick in the Street

Music and Lyrics written by: Joseph C Scorsone

If I had a million dollars And could be a little honest I would keep it for me If I wanted what you wanted Even if you loved it I would take it for me Are we falling in love with ourselves? Can we love someone else without strings? Well you can cut the strings off of me I'd rather be a brick in streets of heaven than a selfish soul on earth I'd rather live for somebody else then die for me And when the pain of this world is over and we all just fall asleep Will you be a brick in the streets of heaven with me? I could've been a tower Crying out the hours While the city sleeps I wish I were a mountain Standing over My enemies